When Life Turns Malignant, Life is Our Greatest Bliss

Ask a person living on the margins of life
Months, days, hours, minutes to live.
Every breath matters. Life seems so beautiful!
The greatest bliss in this world is ‘life’!!

Life, that resides inside our tiny cells
A miniscule complex invisible world
Complete in itself…with nucleus, cytoplasm
Mitochondria, the powerhouses…
Life, the hectic motion of cell molecules
That sustain us, as we sustain them

Have you ever bothered about little cells
Inside your tissues and bones? They exist.
But do you ever think they are gorgeous?
Or superb? Or wonderful?
Are you thankful to your good cells?
Are you aware of their power?

No. We assume we are the stalwarts
Able bodied and alive. Cells merely reside in us.
Oh! But aren’t we just an ensemble of cells?
Walking talking cell-clusters of all shapes and kinds
Then why would cells not matter!

For a cancer patient, every cell matters
How many white blood cells, red blood cells
good cells, bad cells…cell count counts!
Debilitating fear prevails, of some sickly cell
traveling to distant healthy body parts

To install another tumor that devastates.

The sole purpose of life, then centers around

Despising malignant cells – throwing them out
Loving healthy cells – feeding them with goodies
Healthy cells equal life, unhealthy cells a step closer to demise.
Every good cell matters, it’s meant to be nurtured and fed
Every bad cell too matters, for it needs to have an end
Each cells matters in this battle, of tightly holding on to dear life!!

We live by cells. Cells become life. Cells are life.
It’s as if deadly cells know they are all powerful
Angry disordered clumsy beings that turn malicious
Cause havoc, with loving sober cells they begin a fight.

But cells live by us, as they need us for their very life.
For only we can feed them, as they don’t have a mouth
Bad cells depend on us, they eat what we eat. They lose power
Food becomes our power, to save robust cells and their life.

That day is not far when we shall selectively feed
 healthy cells
While killing only bad cells, depriving crooked villians of their life

Victory over cancer will one day redeem many precious lives

Sure, life in our healthy cells is a precious gift, greatest of all
When life begins to get exhausted of living, true bliss it is
To relish each and every moment…of what we call life !!



I started the above poem with bliss of life in my mind. But given that I have closely seen a few cancer patients at various stages of this malady, and talked to many more of those suffering while I happened to visit cancer wards, the poem took a different turn and became not only complex but also out of tune and form. Disorganized, like malignant cells.

Victory of life is about good cells and bad cells…more so for those fighting with cancer. Besides other reasons, cancer cells win when they are fed enough for them to become overpowering. They compel good cells to commit suicide.

Also, “Cancer cell do not drive the growth and spread of tumors alone — they can bully their healthy neighbours into helping them.”

Thus, they are baddies through and through. One day when science is able to cut off all kinds of support to bad cells, that is when there will be cancer cure.

~~~ ~~~

#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan .

7 thoughts on “When Life Turns Malignant, Life is Our Greatest Bliss

  1. A somber poem, Alka. “Cells depend on us, they eat what we eat.” This is so true about our bodies. We put in what we eat and what we choose to ingest. Our body is a temple. It is up to us to take care of it and to seek the assistance we need to live a healthy life in this world. Cells often are invisible to us, so is health. We don’t realise it’s there until we start feeling physically out of place and then we might think it is time to live a different life. On the other life, some kinds of things that happen to us are hard to explain – and when that happens, all we can do is take care of ourselves and be greatful for every moment.

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    • Healthy life is the only life truly worth living. But then again, every second person has one or the other problem…and unless it is extreme case, sickness is better than no life. As long as there is hope. And yes, every little thing we eat makes a good or bad impact that reaches down to the cellular level, each and every day. As you say, if things go wrong we feel out of place. One should not ignore even the smallest symptoms.
      I have seen some people are very health conscious and fussy about food, still they get diseases that are hard to explain. We should of course be thankful for every blessing.
      Thanks for your input, Mabel!

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  2. While we hardly pay any attention to our body cells, you have done a perfect job by capturing them within your words Alka. Gratitude is the only word that comes to my mind after reading these thoughts…also it re-emphasizes the fact that beauty lies within, not only in the soul but also in the cells. However they are beyond our control…those who turn against us keep on multiplying unawares. Modern medicines have tried to control them and hope for betterment is always alive.

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    • Thanks Balroop for your comments! We all are aware that ‘garbage in garbage out’ applies to our health and body but still we don’t care much. How important each and every cell can be…we experience this when we hear doctors saying to someone ‘Still some cells left along the margins’. Even a single malignant cell can cause havoc, if left alone. You said it…beauty lies in our cells. We always talk about soul but while we have life, our inner physical health matters more. Hope there is cure for every disease and quality of life improves further.

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  3. “Cancer cell do not drive the growth and spread of tumors alone — they can bully their healthy neighbours into helping them.”

    I was wondering if we can implant some healthy cells or some luring area where all the cancer cells can expand to and then just cut that area and take them out.

    A very bright fellow scientist has this. Here is her blog https://travelwithmytumor.com/


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