Photo Challenge: Vivid Ephemeral Nature

Mauved, I mean Moved…
But I know it is ephemeral because it’s vividly beautiful.

When we see such vivid splendor of nature such as in this mauve and purple sunset we find it too exhilarating. One moment we see it and then it changes. We may even feel as if it is unreal. But it should not be so. After all, the color spectrum had always been there in mother nature for ages. It is only recent optical experiments that made us humans understand the phenomena of light’s reflection, diffraction and later ‘refraction’. Newton’s use of prism made us consider air itself as a prism.

These pictures were clicked in Cairns in Queensland, Australia. The exact location is Cairns Esplanade.

Previously I had posted similar vivid pictures of a rare, but again short-lived and ephemeral Indigo sunset in my post Gifted by Nature.  Those pictures were taken in Sydney.

Mauve, as a colour itself is unique. Neither purple nor pink nor blue. Being a female I had seen this colour in lipsticks and nail paints but not sunset. Flowers too bless us with such unimaginable hues and sights, even though flowers too are a short-lived beauty.


Mauve colour is named after the mallow flower.  pic credit: wiki

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14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Vivid Ephemeral Nature

  1. Hello Alka! Those pictures of the sunsetting in Cairns are breathtaking. I believe they are real because I’ve seen amazing colors in our sunsets here in south Florida (USA) too. I guess it would make sense that the color mauve would be named after a flower. I’ve never seen this flower before. It is lovely. You nailed the challenge! 😀

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    • Hello Vashti, thanks for liking the pictures. Indeed nature has so much to offer. The quality of air that prevails in the atmosphere of remote and natural small towns has such quality, that it imparts such magnificence to the pictures of everyday sunset and sunrise.
      I too enjoyed reading about the background of mauve colour, the cutish pretty mallow flower and all 🙂

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