Many Shades of Motherhood…

On Mother’s Day, various blog authors expressed their feelings in their posts. Here are some of them. I picked them up randomly and must have left out some good ones. You can share in your comments
Please have a look.

1).  Simple thanks to one’s mother:  Everything

2).  A mother thanks her wonderful son: On Being Mom

3). Mothering a sick child: Happy Mother’s Day

4). Mother and child…a snug feeling:  Happy Mother’s Day 

5). Becoming a mother, early motherhood:  Born Again

6). Beautiful thoughts of a daughter: My Mother

7).  How many candles?:  Mother’s Day cake

8).  Cute bond:  Best Bargain Ever

9).  Is it just a commercialised Love? :  The Truth About Mother’s Day

10).  On royal baby and royal mom:  Baby Princess Charlotte

11).  A son shares his thoughts of motherhood: Give her your time

12).  God is the true mother: Mother’s Day (?)

13).  Mothers who give (sacrifice) their child away, for his/her benefit:   Jochebed

14).  Simple love and little excitements on this day:  Mothering Day

15).  What if you lose your child, or you have none? :  Why I hate Mother’s Day

16).  Separated parents – a child opts for her/his mother:  A Day in Court 


Many shades of motherhood indeed!

There are birth mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, adoptive mothers, surrogate mothers, young mothers and older mothers.
There are children born in adverse circumstances, their parents have no choice but to hand over the kids to someone who can look after them. Often, such children feel huge anger their whole lives, esp. on Mother’s Day (as I read in some blog posts but I decided not to put them up here).

There are neglected elderly mothers/parents who live in old age homes, not cared enough by their adult children but still continue to bless them.


This is the emotional journey I undertook on Mother’s Day – visiting various blogs and sharing them. I wanted to experience all kinds of feelings, not just the usually accepted happy mood. There are all kinds of families in this world – all kinds of mothers and all kinds of children.


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