I Choose To Be Happy


I Choose To Be Happy


Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy. Today. Tomorrow. Everyday. Every moment. For I know I can’t change my yesterdays, with all their good and bad ways. But I can save, store and stock some happy moments, for any impending joy-starved days.

Happiness arrives each morning, soaked in a cup of tea. As I savour its flavour sip by sip, and inhale the aroma wafting from spice-laden milky masala chai; a concoction of water, milk, sugar and black tea brewed with ginger, cardamom, fennel or basil. Winter chills and blues taken care of, thanks to these humble positives!

Happiness is that tingling warm feeling that surges from the heart, as I pay for a homeless stranger’s hot cup of coffee, in exchange for a grateful smile and that look in the lightened up, crinkling and sad, tell-tale eyes. The humble soul walks away blessing, as I sit brooding over my lonely cuppa, feeling clueless yet hopeful about improving my own life. My hot coffee turns cold.

Yet, I think I am happy. For it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I realize I am simple, with more than what I need. My pantry’s always full and the fridge has healthy food. The wardrobe’s overflowing. Oh the dresses and the suits. That lipstick, this perfume. What’s the point if they sit there unused?  A need for serious souls is to learn to go footloose; making merry and splurging out a bit. I must. I will.

Happiness indeed it is, to have the essentials in abundance. Happiness it also is, to give away things we do not need. Things that block my life can very well improve someone’s life. Recycling is the key. Decluttering cleans out the unnecessary. Let go and free the space, keeping only what makes me happy. Must also learn to give away and keep at bay, people who block my life.

Happiness unbound it has always been, to look after the one born of me. A ranting toddler now grown up, with a big mind of his own, a heart of a kid. Listening to his joys and worries, I never wished for a return reward. I relish every moment spent with him. Inevitable it will be for him to leave one day, to live his own dreams. I must begin to learn, how not to miss him.

Unhappiness free zone is what makes for real happiness. Less of stress, no loud noise, no ill-health or disease. Better still if life is pollution and terror free. Distancing a bit from such friends and relations, who judge, mock, gossip, compete or cheat. Simple folks, simple thoughts, fuss-free honest life, without any strife. These make me happy. Anywhere. Anytime.

Happiness is the end goal. Whatever I do I try to make sure it makes me or others around me happy. I’m not always sure it does. But I try to feel that it does. After all who will define my happiness for me? Only me. No one and nothing outside can make me happy. For happiness is all within me.

Bonus Joys (in any order): Lots of music. Clicking random pictures, watching sunrise and sunset, warming up in winter sun, enjoying sound sleep, less TV, going to the movies, long drives, receiving and giving smiles, crying out my heart if need be and thereafter feeling light.

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

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For #WQWWC  Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge hosted by Colleen of The Silver Threading and Ronovan of Ronovan Writes.

This week’s theme was/is “Happiness”.  The task was to write a post based on our favorite quote on happiness. The above quote is one of the many happiness quotes I like. But I tried on this one and got carried away writing…may be it’s too long

15 thoughts on “I Choose To Be Happy

  1. Perfect prescription for happiness that is universal in its application, Alka, though modelled around your life. With all of it, you must be sleeping well enabling a great everyday presentation of yourself…best wishes.

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    • Thanks! True that ‘I’ in this poem is a universal seeker of happiness. While I do get good sleep, the criteria outlined in the poem are more of a wishful thinking. Most are fulfilled while some are merely utopian. But then, we should count our blessings!

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    • Thanks Colleen! Being universal criteria, these would appeal most of us. People also have their distinct happiness promoters, like for you would it be fairies and nymphs? 🙂


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  3. You have taken every word of mine, I couldn’t have put it any better and I am loving every word of yours so beautifully wafted into the cup of happiness. Indeed, happiness is in the smaller things of life and happiness is in the moment and happiness is within, we are so much lost in cacophony of things around us we search for happiness outside and end up finding none and only when we sit down and enjoy what we do and pause and reflect we start seeing the clear sky full of joy and haziness disappears. A sunrise, a sunset, taking a snap of these magical moments of nature that comes to us everyday but we take it for granted, eating healthy food, sleeping and nursing our soul with art and artistic engagement makes life fulfilling and happiness follows…more happiness is indeed in giving and give up things that we need no more, hoarding is not an good idea for happiness either in materials or knowledge, sharing both makes us happy provided we learn art of giving and sharing…

    Thanks so much Alka for sharing such a powerful and heart touching post on happiness, simple are the thoughts and it carries within all the profoundness of life…

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    • Thanks Nihar! I’m glad you could relate to some of the criteria for happiness that I outlined. Small things do matter, as all big things are made of small portions. Hours have minutes and then seconds, that must be spent well so as to be productive as well as happy. Indeed, there is too much ‘cacophony of things around us’ and so enjoying what we actually like to do can help us get out of it.
      I talked about recycling of excessive things. You have nicely extended the idea of ‘not hoarding’ to “knowledge” as well. Of course hoarding too many material things causes tension while hoarded unshared knowledge too is of no use.
      Thank you again for understanding and appreciating the message behind my simple thoughts.

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      • Indeed Alka, you had put it so beautifully it is something that can touch everyone, after all these are things that we keep ignoring unknowingly and not realizing therein lies all the happiness we are searching for, though many times we ourselves are confused and not knowing what we want and what we are doing to get know what we love in life…the joy of life are very much in small things and things that we do everyday. So much of power is hidden in sharing things and caring about others and living life for others as well, doing things that matters to people who are less privilege and joy is truly in the simplicity of life.
        It was a pleasant surprise Alka to know that you are excellent classical dancer, you have been trained in dance academy and you have a deep passion for it, I was reading it in Somali’s post…I always consider this is one art form which combines the body, the mind and the soul…it needs that perfect balance of three to get the expression and the movement in awe for the audience. I taking to someone who is exponent of dance and it would great read a post from you on dance and how dancing makes life more meaningful
        Have a lovely day ahead.

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    • I didn’t see your comment. Sorry about that. Yes, small things matter as they contribute towards the larger goal of a ‘happy life’. Positive attitude may not always be easy to come by, but it is needed each and every day of our life 🙂


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