Joy Dispensed


                          ~When in full bloom~

How delightfully, they
Doled out bounteous happiness!
Ethereal beauty and surges of fragrance
Now time for them to take leave
For they have done their bit


          ~ Same flowers now short-lived fading beauties~


© 2016 Alka Girdhar

~~~~ ~~~
For: Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Flowers

10 thoughts on “Joy Dispensed

  1. Love the short poem, Alka. It takes time for flowers to grow, and when they are finally matured, they look so beautiful like the ones you took. Love the sepia-toned touch – the flowers certainly stand out and it works well. I think each of us should think along these lines more often. With hard work comes beautiful things, and it is when we work hard that we realise that it is the little things that bring us the most joy 🙂

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    • Thanks Mabel for appreciating the poem and the pictures! It does take time for them to grow – seeds turn into plants, then buds become flowers – but their youth is short-lived. The message you perceived is great, that after all the hard work, even if joys of the outcome are momentary, it’s all worth it. Plants continue to live but ‘the most joy’ is provided only by the fleeting flowers :)…the little things in life.

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  2. Whenever I look at ‘fading beauties,’ my heart breathes a quiet message with the reminder…life is so short yet so beautiful…make the most of it…smile like flowers and leave with same fragrance that lingers in the hearts of all who are in touch. 🙂 Loved how you tried to lend colour to this post Alka.

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    • You’ve put it beautifully. That’s how I feel but even with this realisation do we ever make the most of our lives? We just idle it away.
      If we watch a flower, enjoy the moments and forget about how short its life is, only then we can feel happy. If we observe it closely, dwell on it, watch its demise that’s when it saddens us. Sometimes I pick up fresh/unfresh petals that have fallen on the ground. Now that’s like going…nuts 🙂

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