Life or Muse, Hard to Choose

Losing one’s writing voice. Not that big a crisis this. But if something goes missing, we do wonder. Wonder about its whereabouts.

Where are you my writing muse!
Come back dear!!!
Come! Come here!!
Come hither!
Come hither!!
Come hither…hither hither hither
Don’t be scared. Sit near. Come!!!
Promise! I won’t bind you. Won’t tie you down to a lamp post.
You know. I never tried to tame you like a pet.
But then I did try once.
To call you as and when I desired, and not when you wished to come.
But no success. Could I ever set days or hours apart, for writing or publishing?
No. And this non-rhythm worked for me.
Never let crude strategy kill the true spirit.

“…as immediately I stopped disciplining the muse,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald, “she trotted obediently around and became an erratic mistress if not a steady wife.”

So! That’s what you always were. Untamed and free to come and go.
And that is the reason you always followed me around. Vibrant. Liberated. Uninhibited.
Sitting on my shoulder, whispering sweet nothings.
We two were happy. Till life occurred.


Yes, life occurs, and raises questions and doubts. To live life, or to listen to one’s writing voice. Life or Muse? Muse or Life? Sometimes life wins.

Till later one day we again find ourselves using this very life, to embed it within our writing. Provided that by then our writing muse is not so annoyed that it refuses to come back.


5 thoughts on “Life or Muse, Hard to Choose

  1. Our writing voice can certainly be elusive. One day it can be hear, and the other day it can disappear. I don’t know about you, but I feel the desire to write when I am most busy with work and life, and when life slows down I don’t exactly feel like writing but more like doing other things 😀 Sometimes you feel you just can’t win.

    Then again when inspiration does strike, it is an amazing feeling. Maybe we should just go with the flow. There is no perfect time for anything, only some times and moments are better than others. If it’s meant to be that we find our voice, it’s meant to be – and we can at least try 🙂

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    • Thanks Mabel for sharing your thoughts on how you feel about writing and what works best for you. It is more or less same for me, that we feel like writing during busy hours. When our mind is already active and working, it happens to have plenty of ideas. In comparison, if life is sluggish then turning inwards or being an introvert may not motivate us towards any form of creativity. Moreover, during dull phase of life we seek action and vibrancy rather than solitary tasks.

      There are times though when life takes over…overwhelms from all angles. No escape 🙂 That’s when even with overflowing ideas we do not get time to pen down our thoughts. Rather…much as we miss it, writing feels strange.

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      • Love the way your describe it, Alka. That when we are busy, we get more ideas and when we have down time, we are focused on how to get up, out and about.

        So true. When life is overwhelming and there are many pressing things in reality, we realise that writing and art are such small, trivial things…things that maybe only matter to us.


  2. I usually don’t think of ‘my muse’ as a separate entity but I like the way you talk about and with her—and also weave in the Fitzgerald quote. I find that there are times I don’t feel like writing. At those times I get busy outside or doing boring chores. It doesn’t take long for the urge to sit down and write to return. Or if I feel empty, spending time reading can get my mind going.


    • Actually, you are right. It is us. We are the muse – our heart, soul and feelings aided by our linguistic skills. That’s a good idea…to do some mundane tasks and then get back the urge to write. Even though I feel like writing all the time, there are events and incidents that distract. Writing takes a back seat.
      I somehow overlooked your comment as these days I am away from my blog, but trying to come back.

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