You are my Cup Of Tea!

 early morn
at the dawn
that blurred time
that thin line
mind still foggy
hanging between
real and unreal
day and night
dark and light
night dreams and day dreams

 half-asleep state
eyes half-open
languid limbs
sluggish senses
opiated walk
I stagger
my feet
towards my kitchen
and make
my morning cuppa
my wake-me-up dose
big hot mug of tea

you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea

This tea-addict’s poem inspired by
The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

But, tea addiction is something I would like to break. It’s not just this urgent cup in the morning that totally enslaves me but my tea-addiction troubles me throughout the day. My day revolves around tea, my events and outings are planned as per my multiple tea-times.

Consuming tea with main meals reduces iron consumption, hence anemia occurs. Yes I have that. I need to cut down the number of cups I consume each day as well as the amount in each cup. Taking it in moderation will give its benefits – as a wake me up drink that has anti-oxidants. Much as I love it, if I can live without it, it will make my life easier.


© All rights reserved 2015

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