We are Paired Forever, Paired Apart or Paired Never

There are all kinds of pairs and partners in this world. Some continue to be pairs for as long as they live. Others drift apart. Then there are also people or things that are better off alone, or they just happen to be so.

Paired Forever are things and people who flourish together as a pair. There is so much dependency on co-existence that if one goes missing the other has no identity, the other becomes nothing.

If we lose one sock from a socks pair, that pair becomes incomplete and useless. We store the remaining sock for some time hoping to rediscover its partner, after which we get rid of this lonesome piece. Same applies to shoes or slippers, even more so.

Likewise, earrings have identity only as a pair. A single piece of earring, howsoever precious, is of no use.

Other than these, there are slightly less dependent type of partners. They too are ‘paired forever‘ created to be together but they merely compliment each other.

P1060139A particular knife looks good with a particular fork, and also they are practically useful together as a pair, but we can use this knife without its matching fork. P1060136Salt and pepper containers are another duo that form a part of the set although they can exist by themselves too.

Similarly there are cosmetic things around our homes, like shampoo and conditioner pair, or a nail polish remover that finds purpose in wiping off nail polish. A toothbrush needs a toothpaste, though it need not be a specific toothpaste. Likewise, we have ‘soap’ and an accompanying ‘soap dish’.

Around my house, I noticed decorative pieces that look better as partnered pairs. This partnership does not provide any usage except for aesthetic appeal. Even this elephant pair with with a broken leg looked good once although possibly now it brings bad Feng Shui, as only complete pairs bring love and luck. It’s a memory from my native land so didn’t have a heart to throw it straightaway.

These were non-living pairs that go together. Among living beings, that is birds, animals and humans, we have permanent pairs that not only look good together but also compliment each other in their utility and essential nature.

There are love-birds, those gorgeously bright parrots known for their monogamous love towards their partner. They cling to each other, feed each other and are depressed if made to live without each other. How many human couples can claim to have that kind of monogamous bond?

In Australia, we have beautiful white Sulphur–crested Cockatoos, very loud parrots that are commonly found in Sydney suburbs where they walk around on our grassy yards. They are often seen around together in very lovey dovey moods.


A happy pair of cockatoos walking in my front yard, and one lonesome fellow.

One morning, I saw a group of very noisy pink-necked Cockatoos. They sat on the roadside electric wires for half-an-hour. Some were happily paired, while single birds looked lonesome sitting next to the lovey-dovey pair.


Other than these totally devoted love-struck parrots, most birds do like to move around as partners. How about this rare picture of a gorgeous bird-pair clicked in Cairns, Queensland Australia?


             This bird pair in Cairns starts its morning together.  Half and Half

All these above living as well as non-living pairs are ‘made or meant for each other’ type of pairs.

Other than the above ‘Paired Forever’ pairs, we also come across pairs meant to be Paired Apart. At one time they were dependent on each other but with time they learn to do without each other.

However, some of these Paired Apart do continue to work as pairs, as and when required. They are together but almost like separate entities, and like two banks of a river, they co-exist from a set distance.

Many husband-wife or lovers’ pairs are happy like that. Two independent souls not suffocating each other but supporting just right. This casual pairing is great for one’s personal growth as long as the bond does not become so lose and casual that they cease to be a pair. Conscious bonding is necessary for such pairs.

Bond between most siblings is also more or less like that – firstly paired close then paired apart. This sweet partnership evolves and they drift apart over time. As they grow older, their life goals take them away and they leave the nest to settle in their own lives. Moreover, they soon form a pair with their married partner or lover. Priorities change altogether.

malana 2

Two sisters – click to enlarge

But at least during childhood, siblings play together and there is complete and possessive dependency in every way.

In this picture that we clicked in the poorer areas of a unique Himalayan village called Malana, two sisters can be seen moving around in synchronisation. It seems to be a give and take relation as the older sister looks after the little girl, while the younger one provides company. Likewise, in cities too, when parents are off to work, siblings form a close bond in their studying and playing activities.

Thus, we see most people do form a pairing bond at one time or the other, whether it is life-long pairing or a short term bond after which they move away.

And yet, a very less proportion of people are never paired, quite like most others are. Theirs is a solitary life, either self-chosen or destined.

Like, there are children who have no siblings. They form a strong bond with their available parent till they move out to pursue their own life and find their life-partner.

Then there are also people who waited forever for their true love to come along and found none till their last days. There are others who got love but lost their partner – due to circumstances in life or cruel death.

And rarely, there are some saints and ascetics who chose to stay single, without a desire to have any better half. Theirs is a pursuit towards higher goals and quest for truth

Either way, people who have seen loneliness often become stronger because of this. The whole world is their brother or sister, their bonds are not formed on the basis of demanding all-consuming relations. They get love from most unexpected quarters and give where it is needed the most.

Moreover, to be paired forever does not always mean it is true love or a close bond. Likewise, to be bonded and cared for in life, one does not need to form a pair. It is preferred by most but not always so.

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For: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pairs
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18 thoughts on “We are Paired Forever, Paired Apart or Paired Never

  1. How true!! We take these things for granted but what would each one be without the other!! Imagine one shoe without the other and one ear-ring!! And most essential…the toothbrush without the toothpaste!
    Love those pictures of birds! Superb. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Balroop! Yes we do have so many inter-dependent things around our homes and offices. Furthermore, we are dependent on them without realizing.

      The everyday type material things that I added to the list, though meaningful in this context, kind of over-shadowed the pictures of lovely bird pairs that I had originally selected for this article. Even the Word Press reader kept showing only the toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner pictures 🙂
      Never mind, as long as the message is conveyed.

      Thanks for reading my article and for your interesting comments


      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cee!

      This was my first attempt at your challenge. Moreover time was running short so gave it a go, possibly too elaborately. With too many pictures, the mediocre ones kind of over-shadow the best ones.



  2. This is a lovely post.
    Yes, this pattern of pair is something very much with us but somehow we keep ignoring it. Unless we give a focused thought on it as suggested by you, it has no value if one get lost. So true. Nature is no far from this pattern of pair. Life is a void with pair and just imagine how is the way human being would have stayed together and how this relationship of husband-wife and brother-sister, and so on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your appreciation and comments!
      I identified some pair types but there are many more. Pairing shows our need for care as well as our wish to be securely dependent on a reliable partner.
      Conscious efforts are needed – when forming a pair as well as keeping it. But if things are not as per one’s liking, then one should accept one’s life as it is. Pairing alone is no guarantee for happiness. Often people who look very happily paired are not. It’s all an eye-wash.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pairing is a requirement but all are not lucky to experience peace and happiness in the association. Indeed you are right, conscious efforts are needed to build and sustain such pairing, it is not a default process and the designed has to be nurtured to succeed.
        I had never read this perspective and I loved the very idea how life depends on pairing and many things in life will not carry any value without the other.
        Accepting the ways things are, are important to build a successful life. Going against the force and fighting the nature is not always a good idea in life.
        Have a nice weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You really have a talent of observing the little things around us and give a meaningful definition to it. This post is extra-ordinary. Enjoyed reading it.
    Had never thought some one can make such a lovely post on pairs, Though seen everyday and hardly noticed!

    Liked by 1 person

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