Quantum Professors



Quantum Professors

“Hellllooo Professor! Nice to meet you!”

“Ha Ha! A long way to go still”, amused Josh laughed it away.

“Well Mr Quantum! Aren’t you almost there, as you’ve started teaching at your own university? That’s pretty much like being a professor”

“Just a quantum bit”, replied Mr Quantum, aka Joshua, a twenty-two year old research scholar and an aspiring quantum physicist.

“Mind it, for those who are born researchers, it’s a matter of time before they become real academicians” Sarah continued to encouraged him

“And for those who intend to devote their life to academia, anyway have a professor’s heart and mind. They don’t always have to be a classroom teacher“, Josh gave his own interpretation.

“Yes, a researcher is always a teacher in his or her heart. Or is it the other way around?”, Sarah was now talking to herself while she was taken back in time when she too was ‘almost there’…almost a professor.

As a research student she too had set out to be a university lecturer, her dream cut short by her suicidal supervisor, an accomplished and reliable woman professor whom she had trusted to help her complete her PhD.  But a professor is a human being, and human beings have a right to take their life. Or do they?

Her anxious professor…was hardly ever available for academic meetings! Her professor who could no more cope with her life of sudden disability! Her professor who would ask the young Sarah to fetch medicines for her from various pharmacists, so that she could collect them and gulp them all in one go. Life over. Professor dies. Sarah returns back from her unfinished journey towards lecturer-ship. She could never bounce back. Not exactly.

“Where are you lost?” asked Josh

“Oh! Just a flashback of things that were…my academic days. You know. My research supervisor dying…well probably due to those medicines I shopped for her” , Sarah paused, then continued “That fateful day, she ceased to be a good professor and guide, and so I could not be one. Two teachers gone”

“Oh not again mom! And you have been a teacher. Most of all to me. You will always be my professor!!”

Sarah smiled at her son, “I have been. But just a little bit. What do you say in your physics…err…a Quantum bit? Well I am not your kind of quantum professor but it’s ok my dear. I’m happy for you”

“Mom, you’re using this word but I’m sure you don’t know the meaning of Quantum Bit. I’ll explain. It’s a …”

“There you go again, Mr Quantum! I’m all ears for your jargon that I often don’t understand. But I do know this one. I’ll explain. There’s a normal bit, the smallest unit of information in general computing…and then there’s this Quantum Bit…meant for quantum computing. Am I right?”

“Yes, Professor Sarah!” Josh was all smiles “But there’s much more to it”

“I know”

~~~ ~~~

This was my attempt to participate in FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES

We were to write a fiction piece using the provided prompt: You meet a professor’

Hope you liked it. Do give your suggestions.

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