He Never Died…



He Lives On…in me

This day
He was over.
Long lost
Long gone
Does he now live in heaven?
Possibly he took birth again.
Will never know
But for me…
He was
He is
He will remain
My one and only father
For, a father is a father
He continues…
Flows in our blood
Lives in our cells
Runs in our veins
Thrives in our thoughts
Forever in our hearts
Did ‘that’ day
When he left us
Does this day
19th of April


11 thoughts on “He Never Died…

  1. Alka, your thought is so sublime but it doesn’t resonate with me…it takes me back into my childhood, which was lost the day I lost my doting dad to an accident, it brings back the memories of my young helpless mom whose each day became a lonely struggle…till today I know that our life could have been different if he had not died. He did!

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    • Sorry to hear that. It must have been tough but if a person meets with an accident, he has no control over his sudden departure. There are others who have some disease that’s curable but only if a person takes his/her life seriously. We can blame them to some extent and feel bad that they left us alone. That said, a positive way is to look at children and grownups who have never seen their parents.
      Well, all this teaches us that we should never neglect our health. Our life is precious, if not for ourselves then for those who depend on us.
      Thanks Balroop for sharing your genuine thoughts!


  2. Great piece. Lovely tribute to your Dad. My Dad passed away May 13, 1995. I miss him very much but he does live on in both my brother Stephen and I. He was a gift from God and I believe in some form both he and my Mom are watching over us from Heaven/Paradise.

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    • I saw your comment just now. Yes, there is some consolation that we represent our parents as they live on in us. Life is like that and has always been so for every living being. Older generation moves on…

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