She Doesn’t Look Nice But…


An abstract by Carl Holty you may not like

She Doesn’t Look Nice But…

She never looked too nice!
She looked like some art
And art wasn’t meant to look nice
It was supposed to make you think
and feel something, stir your heart…

She is my creation – my art
My words, writing, poetry
Authentic and true to heart
Why should she always be
Beautiful in your sense of world?
Why should she always please your eyes?
Why even please? Why always? Why eyes?

Her feeling heart, feels like pouring out
Streams of sugar and honey, and bright light
But what if along her muddy path
It turns into filth and darkness, and
Thoughts do not stay hopeful and sanguine
Who doesn’t have dark and dreary moments?

This art loses way, gets messed up; her face
Does not remain her beautiful best
And yet, see her demeanor, her elegance
Not some deliberate act of a poser
But unaware of being watched or read
Gestures unplanned, not out to impress

Curse not her mopey moods, salve her of gloom, know her
The art work you have in hand – read and learn
For she knows you much more than you know yourself.
Once she’s done with her own impulsive crying
She will become a source of your redemption

~~~ ~~~~ ~~~

For: Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge #WQWWC  Theme for the week “Beauty”
The challenge is to think of our favorite quote and write a poem or a short story based on the quote.

The first stanza of my poem is based on a tentative quote on beauty (of a woman I guess) that I remember having heard some time ago.

After personifying Miss Chocolate in my earlier poem, today I was in a similar mood and here I find myself attributing traits of beauty to all good or bad art forms.
All works of art – painting, writing, poetry, music – are beautiful even if some of them do not seem to portray happiness and beauty, they are still nice in…their less-than-perfect, seamy, dark and gloomy side of life. As long as they make us think deep…

This poem is of course less-than-perfect in form and structure but I wrote it now, for it is the last day for attempting this prompt. I can edit later.

4 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Look Nice But…

    • Thanks Diane! You said it – beauty not just for our eyes but primarily heart. Any art that makes its creator think deep and also has similar impact on the audience/readers, will redeem both of them…and this art seems to know them both well 🙂

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  1. This was beautiful, like your writing. Well done! Our theme for this week is “memories.” I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Hugs. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Colleen! That was double dose of appreciation. A wonderful new theme of the week. I have written a lot about nostalgia lane, so let’s see. Hugs to you too 🙂

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