4 signs that show the news is incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic.

So. You’ve got news.  You think the news is incredible.  But don’t get excited as yet.
Upon hearing the news if you find yourself doing all or some of the things I am stating below, only then interpret the news to be truly incredible, amazing and wonderfully fantastic.
Otherwise rule it out to be just an ordinary low-impact news.

1).  Your body language tells your excitement. You may jump up and down with utter joy.  Possibly with both arms and hands raised up. Your eyes may widen and your pupils expand.  Eyes look bright and big, full of awe. Your mouth wide open, you may even place your hands on either side of your face, holding your face you may slap the cheeks lightly while uttering something exciting.

2). Your voice and language shriek of joy.  Your voice will be full of excitement.
Your mouth may open up in a big ‘Awweee”  or  “Wowwww” or  “I just can’t believe that!!!” as you separately emphasize each word/syllable of the above statement. You may say, “Yesss” as you simultaneously pound your fist downwards in the air.
Dazed in disbelief, you may even pinch yourself just to make you believe you are not dreaming and the news is in fact real.

3).  You fold your hands in a prayer pose.  This might be an instantaneous reaction. You may close your eyes while your head tilts down as if bowed. Hands clenched together you will murmur again and again “Thank God!! Thank God!! Thank God for that !!”.  If you happen to have a prayer room/corner in your house, you may run towards it and sit bowed down in gratitude while praying incoherently not knowing what to say.

3). You run here and there, not knowing what to do.  You will immediately feel like sharing the news but don’t know whom to tell it first.  You may rush out looking for a friendly neighbor in sight.  Not seeing anyone, you come back in, pick the phone and call the person closest to you. Could be your parents, husband/wife or a close friend.  Once shared, the next step will be planned with friends and family, after which you ease down a bit.

If you do not feel any of the above symptoms and behaviors, if you are just unmoved on hearing some news then either this news is not that great or it was not life-changing for you, or else was not connected to your personal life. For e.g; if your neighbor’s sister (who lives overseas) had a son or if your friend’s daughter got a wonderful job. She tells you but you just smile and congratulate her lightly. In fact you may get slightly envious of her if your own daughter wears corporate every second day but only for a futile job interview.

But, if you sincerely believe you’ve ever reacted like above to any news you’ve ever received then – Count Your Blessings.

After all, it’s not everyday you are going to receive news that is so incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic, in short…Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


That was my response to The Daily Post's writing prompt:
 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It says: 
"You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news.
What’s the first thing you do?

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I write in various genres serious as well as humorous. This time I tried writing in the current style of….”6 things to do if you have broken your head..”,  “9 signs that show you have teeth problems...”

Moreover, after writing some serious poems last week, I wanted something light-hearted. For more humor, read my previous writings Laughing Matters , You always believed in me and Request Denied

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Laughing Matters


So. The Happiness Engineers at Word Press want us to laugh and go Ha Ha Ha. They want us to share jokes with fellow bloggers. After writing my previous serious article, I myself needed to clear up the heavy air looming over my blog.

Indeed, one should laugh and make others laugh.

As the saying goes, ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone’.  Going by the quote, it’s so easy to make (real or fake) friends. All you have to do is, just don’t share your problems too much but make others laugh as much as you can. That’s what a clown does. He might be crying inside his heart but he makes the whole world laugh. As also said by Charlie Chaplin,  ‘Mirror is my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs’.

Laughing is good for other reasons too. Say, if smoking a cigarette reduces life by 5 minutes and laughing increases life by 10 minutes, then a laughing smoker never dies. That was a stale joke that came into my mind. But hope you got the message. Laughter increases your longevity. The bigger the dose, the better.


Naughty Kookaburra.  image: flickr

The problem is, having a full-hearted open laugh is not so easy. People who have not laughed out loud for a long time, find it very hard to do so. To open one’s mouth wide, show one’s teeth, make a ha ha ha sound, to everyone’s hearing.  For a woman it can even be a greater challenge to decide how much to laugh, a question of looking dainty as well as a pleasant personality.

But we do come across men and women who laugh full-throttle, quite like our good-humored Australian Laughing Kookaburra does (see the birdie laughing video). In any gathering we can see such happy men and women get popular because of their hearty laugh while the demure humans go unnoticed.  So you see – there are many advantages of laughing.

Moreover, such laughter is contagious. If one Kookaburra laughs, others join in, informs Wikipedia:  ‘One bird starts with a low, hiccuping chuckle, then throws its head back in raucous laughter: often several others join in’.  Likewise, if one human laughs, can others be far behind? That is how Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs work.

Laughing may not come easy to everyone but smiling is not hard, for one and all. ‘If a loser smiles after losing the game, the winner loses the thrill of his victory‘. That’s the power of a Smile !  If you don’t even look like a loser, rather you look happy despite your loss, then you have almost won the game.  Even those who were happy to see you losing, who were kind of putting you down, will feel challenged and are left wondering – ‘Huh! The game was easy but this person is not an easy game’.

Moreover, after losing, if you look happy instead of crying, people will consider you a large-hearted sportsman spirit. Maybe you are not. Maybe not at all. But what’s the point telling it to the whole world?

Bah!!  What’s wrong with me? Why do I have to be philosophic even about a simple prompt like ‘Ha Ha Ha‘.  All they had asked for is a joke or a funny anecdote.  I’ll try this time.

Behind every successful man there is a woman……
Because women don’t run behind unsuccessful men!!

Hah!  Again, that was not really a joke. Was it?  Here’s a real one, straight out of my poor-jokes wardrobe:

Someone asked a ninety-five year old man:   “Even after 70 years of marriage, you still refer to your wife as…Darling…Sweety…Baby…Honey…Luv….!!!!  What is the secret of such love between you two???

The man replied:  “I forgot her name 10 yrs ago……and I’m scared to ask her.”

Did this joke make you laugh?  Well, I tried. Watch this laughing baby and try joining him in his hahaha.

Animals and children do take it easy. If laughing out loud still doesn’t come easy, at least keep smiling, and sooner or later life will be tired of upsetting you…


No offense was meant by my joke/s towards any age-group or gender. We all have to inevitably go through various phases of life, maybe suffer things worse than Dementia, that too only if we happen to live that long.

Header:  Art by Hazel Bowman – Blessed Is The Gift Of Laughter

Ego and Id

Let Me Be Me

me and my clone
will have a good time

I’ll watch movies
she’ll wash the dishes

me fashion and grooming
she mopping and brooming

 while I read shopping tags
she’ll carry my shopping bags

while I write poems
she pays the bills

she will be sick
but me fit and fine

one day she will die
forever I’ll survive

If that sounds mean
then let me be me

already have Ego and Id
Jekyll and Hyde in me


pic source: google

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Clone Wars 

“If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?”

Journey Inside


That ill-fated sleepy afternoon
as I sat nodding with closed eyes
A fly entered my ‘big’ mouth
well not so big it is, but
yawning full-force was I, and
the dirt-loving creep must’ve
come to kiss the dribble
so down went the greedy bug
through my inner dark alleys

I gagged and gulped
but down it slipped, through
narrow tunneled esophagus
through the wobbly stomach
the slimy small intestine
swinging my large intestine
and then finally free…. 
but wonder
survived or life-free.

So I don’t want to go that path,
no thanks. And how can I, can I?
For one, I am not a fly
And then, I am still alive

I sure do want to go inside,
take an inward journey,
to know not my body, but
my true soul from inside
To know myself a bit better
before I actually truly die…


Of course, the above story was imaginary.
In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thanks.”

Loafing around…

Today, I crafted two new words:  Promptaddict and Prompt-Loafer.  

1).  PromptaddictA wannabe writer kind of person who is addicted to waking up early to check the Daily Post at Word Press and eagerly read the daily prompt’s task of the day.

2). Prompt-LoaferSomebody who reads the daily prompt as early as she/he can but delays attempting as much as possible, therefore often responding amongst the very last few, if at all.
Prompt-Shirker is another word for such a drifting lazy bum.

Sentence Usage:
Ever since the writer of this blog became regular at Word Press, she has become a promptaddict.  But being in Sydney, she sees the prompt much later than other promptaddicts do, hence she is unable to take it seriously and has become more of a prompt-loafer.

Etymology, the origins:  Of course these two terms have been coined by the writer of this blog. The two terms are composed of two separate English words, each word being of Latin origin.

Promptaddict:   Prompt + Addict

Prompt-Loafer:  Prompt+Loafer (or Shirker)

So, these two were my newly-coined words while responding to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Play Lexicographer.”, as I got too carried away and instead became a Lexicosmith.  That’s another new word.

Snappish Snapshot

In this era of picture-crazy social media, my son and my husband are rare beings who simply do not like their pictures taken, especially not the purposeless selfies.

Probably they consider it a narcissistic and obsessional act – a time waste meant for women – as they say.  They openly ridicule the whole of feminine race with such comments.  Women have to show-off their clothes, their hairstyles, their smile but what do men have to show?  They ask mockingly. And I do somewhat agree with them.  The superior beings have brain to show and they can’t take their brain out on a platter and take its picture, can they??

So with that kind of magnificent mentality, they rarely if ever oblige me by agreeing to click my pics. Hence, so many of my beautiful dresses have come and gone out of my life without them being picturized.

But if at all they do agree to press the camera button for me, they always misbehave, always act as if it is something unexciting and frivolous…something to be done and gotten over with.   As if I have disturbed these busy creatures.  Very quickly they click only one or two pictures and never more than that.  After which they ask with an attitude,”Is that it?”…as if saying, ”Are you happy now?”.

So folks, it can be anybody’s guess that these hurried pics hardly ever turn out to be good, mostly they are less than perfect.

And that’s the reason why most lives remain imperfect.  People don’t listen to each other.

But recently, ever since I adorned a new dynamic ‘avatar’, and ever since I have become a self-willed, self-centered, rebellious and adamant individual, it’s unbelievable but the whole world has actually started listening to me.  The impact shows in every sphere.

Hence, during such a photo session some time back, so assertive and so confident were the instructions given by me to my son – that this time he ended up snapping not just one or two but innumerable stream of pics of mine and that too very keenly and patiently.

Funny thing is, much as this young lad protests against the clicking of his own pics, this time he too ended up being there in the photos.  Nature’s irony. In all four of them he’s inside the window panes as he can be seen clicking my pics (and simultaneously his own).

Four of me, four of him and there are four window doors.  Overall, I felt a cute symmetrical impact.

So friends!!  That’s the story of this ordinary yet special pic.

A story about this first ever picture collage of mine that got created without any previous intention of making a collage.  It was a result of an enthusiastic photo-session, but that session itself was possible due to the ‘assertive’ me.  Things worked this time because things work when we want them to work.

The guys have understood that fondness for taking pictures is as good as or as bad as any aversion to taking pictures.  But of course there is a limit to both behaviours and excess is bad.

This one was an unimportant photo-session. But in every other aspect of life, only when we ourselves are sure about what we want, that others too will respect our wishes and wants.


Daily prompt:  A Moment in Time
What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it.

P.S.  Some of my posts are all in good humour and not to be taken too seriously.

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